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he, in turn, if the case presents elements of difficulty, con-

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have been received, and a record is presented of the 305 who

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a very responsible post. In Lambeth the i-egistrars were a

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of the parotid gland the growth has broken down, forming an irregular

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The first clause requires that ashpits or ratiier dustbins as

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.Iournal of April 15th, is that of Dr. John Hitchman who

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disease, but I'lina's treatment (iclithyol and resorcin), lately

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cranial nerves which, in past years, have been under my care

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Gregor, London; Mr. J. McElfatriok, Mere ; J.W.Mason, M.B., Hull.

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Ordinance of the Universities Commissioners. The Medical

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BnowN the cash statement and balance sheet was adopted.

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seldom more tlian 70-80 per cent, li.-pmoglobin (Gowers's

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ground for any real grievance. I am the only one he ever revealed his

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District.— The next meeting of this District will be held, by kind in-

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not arrange for his lelief, to let a medflcal officer at Attock go on leave?

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mannan ; Dr. W. II. Smith, Chairman of the Council of the

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notes with which we have been favoured by the kindness of

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who observed that he was "not quite clear on the point of

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Joh.; H. B. Hewitt. B.A. . Cla. : Hood, B.A., Down.; Kirby, B.A.,

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mended ? The only certain test that a case was cured was

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reference to the Scottish county councils and medical officers

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decisive voice in such matters, remains firm in its opposition

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considerations he laid before the House. The Bardoux-Cornil

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system now inflicts on the medical men of the neighbour-