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him, though labouring under irritation. In one case where the stone was

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100 cubic inches of air which cannot be expelled by forced

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quent in the country as in town, where it is nevertheless so often followed by

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the inflammation of the face is evidently subsiding, but the tongue has

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pleura. The visceral pleura was covered with false membranes, verv

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alcohol and tobacco, an open-air valetudinarian, a porch

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tained to have occurred. Some observers are inclined to protest

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isted, entirely disappeared. Upon the seventy-fifth day the patient was looked

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tallic stains, the nature of which may be ascertained by the distinctions

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Case II. — Sulphate of quinia, ten grains, was administered six hours

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Fontanelles depressed. A few capillary ecchymoses on the inner

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is an abscess in or, most frequently, near the tonsil.

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chocele. (Wochenblatt d. Wiener Aerzte, Nos. 29 and 38. From

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latter part of August. No explanation of the occurrence has been

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The best treatment for such a condition is a strictly

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are carried on. In the former are produced the two new strata of the wood and

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bilirubin is easily soluble, whilst hsBmatoidin is insoluble. Lastly,

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might even be brought to rest for a short time. "When, however, it

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the patient's life was only saved by making strong compression, and death oc-

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("softening of the brain"); (5) mania; (6) dementia, and

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mais qui d'apr^ tons les hommes comp^tents est une fi^vre palu-

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secretion from the pancreas, for instance, may be con-

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hygienic quaUty of underwear and go on wearing the same

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doses, and in the short space of twenty minutes after its exhibition, 1 have seen

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and stasis in the capillaries. At a still later period the swelling

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life is comparatively short. Along the frontiers of Florida and the southern

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regular spiral arrangement characteristic of striated fibre, are

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the peritoneum 20, 25, or 80 ^^rammes of tincture of iodine, and