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from over 0.50 to 0.10 per cent, coincident with a fall in weight

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the added oxalate precipitates the calcium of the blood. In the

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times in our patient it was much more noticeable in the right

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E is the equivalent weight of the constant-boiling HCl

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to be powdered chloride of lime, to destroy granulations, and which

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atmosphere it is likely to absorb both moisture and C0 2 ;

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greatly enlarged, with seventy-seven illustrations. Philadel-

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probably the most satisfactory. If there is no further motion, the bowels

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as 6/£> ff and use it for subsequent analyses. Then:

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precarious thing, and the proof-reading by no means what the

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stimulant. It may be assumed, from these observations, that the suprarenal

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(3) Spinal fluid. Centrifuge the specimen. Examine a wet

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(7) Mix the contents of each tube by gentle shaking and place

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affected with violent convulsive spasms, which is likened to

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polu. In cases passing into stupor nasal or esophageal tube

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dies because of wounds received or drugs administered in the

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rendering harmless — (a) poisons which, after being introduced into the in-

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pression produced by stimulation of the levator tnenti (Fig. 70,

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chemical properties do vary considerably, not only under artificial conditions, but

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cate what is called arbitrarily "free HC1," the solution

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strain of virus in connection with continuing work on influenza

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of Professor Kanthack, which has inflicted a grievous loss on scientific

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1:50 filtrate (photometric) add 1 ml of the 0.1-percent

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much exhausted from frequent vomiting ; pulse, 120 ; tempera-

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call all such described cases instances of irregular uterine con-

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